Regarding ObamaCare and its hotline 1-800-FUCK-YOU (per “El Rushbeau”) and the Covered California, I neither received email confirmations that my account (username and password) was “Created” nor that my submitted application was successfully received!

I neither made a screen-shot nor a print-out to the effect. However, my “Application #” was assigned.

I’m suspecting that my data either didn’t go through the system/fell through the cracks or wasn’t meant to be processed online.

However, there is a .pdf file to open, save, print, fill out, and send/mail for pending approval.

Of course, it is to our best interest to WAIT until next year and see how this “law” benefits/shakes-out for us humans; since no “cure” for any ailment/disease is allowed for us bottom-feeders.

Watch and listen for “reverse psychology“. Per “El Rushbeau”, there is a headline news saying that poor black people won’t get affordable healthcare insurance.

Again, the scam is this global health care/eugenics agenda, which offers no permanent “cures” whatsoever, meaning we only get temporary “remedies”, such as pharmaceutical medications, shark oil/fin soup, dried horns/parts of dead animals, dead plant material, and other rocks and minerals.

We still have six months until the end of March 31, 2014 to decide if this law is worth being forced down out throats, even if we are not worthy for FREE healthcare, since there are NO cures!

We have until December 25, 2013 to sign up for this health insurance scam to avoid the penalty in the tax year of 2014.

Either way, we are all going to die. May the Great Karma be upon y’all for hating humanity and poor, black people, too!

One thought on “20131003-1008-Quasiaside

  1. FLYNN says:

    Oh, Lawd! Any medical research is bogus! Even the cancer treatment is bogus! I’ve a feeling there were many cures available eons ago. But because of these “eugenics agendas”, humanity will NEVER benefit from technology that is supposed to prolong our lives. Then again, the choice to live longer than programmed could be possible, if only we really want to stay stuck in our current human forms.


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