20130714-0105-Thoughts Aside

In my earlier rant aside, I mentioned something about “martial law”. After reading Kenny boy’s “current news”, the gun control script will probably play out as black folks rioting for the justice of a murdered “child”. Notice how the mainstream media/cable news programming repeatedly uses the scripted word “child” to incite images of an innocent black child being shot by a deranged white “cracker”. Bahaha! Take the bait, chumps. The trap is set. Another bio-experimentation among mere human mortals and how they react to this ongoing craziness of pitting once sub-human group against another sub-human group. Bahaha! Again, I did NOT get the full details to make my independent “judgment” on this case. I wonder what other agenda would dare to entertain my boring existence. Oh, Lawd have mercy on us all!

Can haz comment on topic only?

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