The Daily Messenger: Wanting a cup of coffee is now Considered A “Mental Disorder” (in the beast system, everything is insanse that is normal)

Off-topic rant:

From personal experience, I would feel an initial buzz but coffee didn’t give me headaches or made me feel fatigue.

Now that I’m older, Maw and I feel gout-like symptoms after drinking coffee, which is made out of “beans”. For example, last week we brewed fresh ground coffee. That same day we felt pain. I had an especially painful pinky right toe. Of course, that probably from using my vibrating machine too much.

Like alcoholic beverges, I never really acquired the taste of coffee. The taste is too bitter and masking the awful taste with non/dairy products and sugars/syrups only make me fatter. I used to splurge (which is good for business) daily for four years when I was making good money. Now I cannot afford anything and realized that water and fruit juices are healthier.

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3 thoughts on “The Daily Messenger: Wanting a cup of coffee is now Considered A “Mental Disorder” (in the beast system, everything is insanse that is normal)

  1. FLYNN says:

    “It is common for these people to sacrifice more of their relationships with friends and family, their professional careers and personal freedom with each veil they pierce.”

    Yup. Hopefully, y’all understand why my rants were miscontrued to the effect as “insanity”. Huh.


  2. Donna Carrillo says:

    We use almond milk, which is NON fattening. I use stevia and/or xylitol, which are also non fattening. Sometimes I drink it without the added almond milk, but only with the stevia/xylitol mix.

    How’s that vibration machine working out for you guys? I can’t get on ours right now due to a recent NCR session. Have to wait another month and a half because that thing shakes my head too. Same with chi machine, gotta wait.

    I can do Zumba though, as it’s not so head shaking, only butt shaking. lol


    1. FLYNN says:

      Ideally, I’m supposed to use non-fat milk. But because the doctor didn’t want to torture me, I could drink low-fat milk (1%-2%). I’ve tried almond milk but was concerned with the sugar content. Plus I didn’t feel “right” because it’s a “nut”, of which some people are allergic. Bahaha!

      Anyway, as for the vibration machine, it works out well as long as we do mini-stretches and not just stand there to get our butts jiggled for nothing. We try three times a day, so that’s 12-minutes maximum for about 36 minutes workout. Out of the 99 speed settings, I workout on the lowest 01. And the results are better and less painful on my feet/toes, too.

      With the added diet regime for one week now, I feel great – tighter and lighter! Maybe one day I’ll try Zumba when I’ve reached my desired goal. But for now, the impact on my neck/back is too strong.

      Thanks for commenting, Donna!


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