The Daily Messenger: Slavery and the eight veils by Don Harkins

Off-topic rant:

Just posted a Tumblr photo of what may be an alleged alien implant under the skin of my left/inside wrist. It may be a hard cyst but it doesn’t hurt. I’m zapping the area whenever I could balance the damn device on my arm.

I may have several more alleged “alien implants” that I cannot identify. One may still be potentially “live” on my upper left arm where the vaccination site was administered in January of last year, I think.

Does this mean I’ve been targeted/tracked/monitored because of what I “know” and who could potentially spoil “their” fun? Maybe, because I’ve blogged about numerous “gang surveillance” activities.

As far as which veil I’ve “pierced” or continue to “pierce”, my primary weblog should reveal where I’m at from survival as a cubicle slave to knowledge as a Christ follower.

Below I’ll summarize my personal interpretation based Don Harkin’s article (in reverse order, just like the Boss during choir rehearsal):

  • 8th veil: Anyway, who are the TPTB and pals? I say it’s the lifeforce of God/Allah/Buddha/pals. Certain fellow “writers” can sub-divide these “veils” descriptive as stepping-stones, ladder rungs, onion layers, whatever.
  • 7th veil: Brighten someone’s day with sincere prayers and honest intentions. That’s done at all times throughout the day/night, not just once a daily but for all.
  • 6th veil: Reptilians/reptoids. I am learning how to identify them with my normal human senses. For the most part they are still part of Creation.
  • 5th veil: I’ve personally blogged on about advanced technology in travel. And that’s NOT just UFO but physical matter, like a little insect fly.
  • 4th veil: Yup. I’ve unwilling/unwittingly signed-up with the Illuminati from my golden nest eggs, encountered some Freemasons, and know of other secret societies.
  • 3rd veil: Those control freaks are indeed wealthy. That’s why we are still stuck with the oil monopolists and the world banksters. Huh.
  • 2nd veil: We didn’t come a LONG way to create frivolous laws that doesn’t protect freedom and our common interests. It takes a lot of pain/suffering/deaths to amend/rectify/abolish/fix outdated rights/laws/policies/regulations/procedures.
  • 1st veil: My Paw used to love watching live political debates back in the Philippines. Fast forward, I carry that same passion after encountering family members of a Prime Minister. I bet y’all didn’t know that, huh! Long live the Queen! Bahaha!

Thank you and have a good day, chumps! If y’all got my back, I got yours – preferably massaging and/or scratching like Q-tips cotton swabs inside the ear holes! Eee!

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4 thoughts on “The Daily Messenger: Slavery and the eight veils by Don Harkins

  1. Donna Carrillo says:

    Don was mine and my hubby’s very close friend. We warned him about certain people who were up to no good. A particular person, in fact, whom our favorite author warned me about back in 2008. I warned Don H. and his wife Ingri about this person, but they didn’t heed the warning, thus Don was murdered. And the saddest thing about it was, that one night after work, my hubby and I were out in a local restaurant and my hubby told me about some sort of plan to help Don H. by this person, and I said , OUT LOUD, that he will die as a result. That was the day before he died at around 4.14 AM at which time I got up sick as a dog for no reason. Then I got up and found out the sad news. He is still sorely missed.


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