“WMD CST 1st unit did a drill in Boston, MA

“Loc. 666 street.

“Near the oldest masonic tavern.”

Disclaimer: My off-topic thoughts only. So don’t get all riled up here for nothing.

Both Satanic and Masonic! Must have been some sort of sacrificial ritual. Skull and Bones imagery on white baseball cap notes. Recently been getting lots of numerical values of 223,322,232,323,332, etc… Receipts, time stamp, atomic clock…

Off-topic thoughts of weirdness:

7:08 am header read: “Vigil Held for victom of Boston Marathon Bombing, Lingzi Lu” (FoxNews) The pronunciation of her name (the Chinese national) sounds eerily similar to the Twit, the boy’s wifey. Symbolism noted. Wonder if the clueless boy will ever take a hint why the toid continues to trigger his emotions.

Further imagery of “pressure cooker” exploding regarding my old blog post about cooking meat faster/more thoroughly. Not sure about why the use of metal shards, nails, and ball bearings. “Goose is cooked”?

7:14 am (FoxNews): Wondering if presence of Air Force One touch-down for Obama speech, absorbing negative energies of sad/angry/emotional event/people/psyche.

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