Stop AB666 – Intersection cameras are really about survelliance and MONEY

First off-topic rant: A thought occurred with regards to watching “The Bible” – Mission episode 3/19/2013 (H2 Channel) last night.

“Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword.” ~Jesu

In one of my old blog entry, I mentioned to the lady for the current counsel member of our district on how I wanted cameras installed in/around areas/intersection for the Bart/VTA high-speed rail system. My voice was heard. And the cameras works. My “request” was primarily for public safety in the guise of gang surveillance, which doesn’t capture drag races up and down in rice rockets and on MY long stretch of road yesterday.

But I agree that people can misjudge the timing between yellow to red lights. It has happened to me at the Milpitas station near the mall. I was foggy-brained and followed a tall/white utility truck too closely until I realize too late that I was in the middle of running a red light! I was driving my Ford Mustang at that time and saw the red lights (on those long railroad arms ahead) blink on and off as warnings. I was worried about privacy of photo enforcement and expensive tickets.

So yeah, I would recommend to have the engineers, most especially the brotherly chumps of DOT, to reaccess/reconfigure the timings on ALL streets/roads/circuits/lightings/traffic/crowd controls/whatever. That’s where you can have civil engineering/computer expertise jobs filled to make unemployment look better.

If you want to save taxpayers monies or at least have it work, make sure to consider most of us with distracted/ADD/text messaging problems. Really, we got to watch out for each other – pedestrians/bicyclists/motorcyclists/pets/etc. Today, a fatality occurred in Palo Alto, CA. The damn train ran over the human. I already foresaw the risks of such high-speed/light-rail PROJECTS with imageries of slow human cattle crossing the railway tracks. Huh.

Second off-topic rant:

I’ve contacted a former via email on Wednesday, May 21, 2003 8:37 PM regarding the subject of the 91 Express Lanes ‘Notice of Toll Evasion Violation’ from Los Angeles. I’ve listed three points and received a generic reply. Then later the Governor left office. Hmmm.

So you see chumps, I kinda have been doing my “job” as a concerned citizen without thinking of the impact of my “opinions” but I have certainly/carefully re/proof/read for proper grammar/correct spelling. Of course, I don’t expect each outcome to my favor. Just wanted to throw out my two cents for whatever it was/is worth. So many improvements would cost/increase taxes and it’s nice to know there are already systems in place for considerations.

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