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At 06:13 pm (or 06:11 pm his time), I received a strange email asking: “What are the nicest pastoral areas up your way?”

Now my English is NOT that perfect and I saw the word “pastor” in “pastoral” and automatically thought he meant places of worship!

So at 06:55 pm, I replied to his email with the two popular PARISHES – OLP and SJC from my area. Those were the only two I could think of.

A few minutes ago, I looked up the word and discovered that “pastoral” meant something along the line of “rustic countryside”.

But since I’m a subananite (if that is a word), I don’t know about rural areas, farmlands or farmhands.

About an hour or so ago, I read the latest poem by a blogger on my online reader. It was regarding this word “pastoral” and a recent/weird comment from a spook, whom I find disdainful behind his mirrored eye shades.

Yeah, so with the recent creepiness of noisy cars drag racing on Monday afternoon and tonight from 2109-2113, I’m not interested in your generational family of darkness and pals.

Have a good life and good night, chumps!

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