20130204-Dream Journal

Here is a vivid dream from that morning per late/lazy note taken on 1710 PM via my smart/cellphone:

I dreamt of shopping store full of dog food. Someone on left opened a big white bag of dog food with four vertical type of dry dog food inside. The opening was closest to me in funny and atop a shelf slightly higher than my height.

There was a yellow-colored, banana type food on far right section followed by orange cheese puffs to its left and two more section of brown-colored dog food to the left. There was another person to my right.

The one to my left seemed to smile at me as he picked up the orange-colored cheese puff, showed me, then popped at least one into his mouth and ate it! I might have crunched one but I do NOT remember. He left to my left and down/forward along the aisle/wandering around store.

Author’s rant: For the past few days prior to my dream, I’ve been fuming about “dog food”. For the past three hours after arriving home, I’ve calculated these “nom-noms” to be around $27.4K since 07/07/2005 with the ACH Load Credit since 07/14/2011 to be around $21.5K. Now folks, help me figure out how I’m left with only $4K to my account.

Answer: That tells you a lot about how the “care and nurturing of a relationship” can be really expensive, which is the primary reason for my NOT wishing to be in a committed relationship. I am already bankrupt financially if not spiritually as the dark-side continues to hold my funds hostage against the guiding light of dismal hope with no prospect for job/income.

Maybe this year should be just the same – nothing but blogging, warm sunshine and another test of my will/resolve. I give up. I’m getting another divorce. This is it. Goodbye cruel world!

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