Quick Tip: Own Your Reader


I usually don’t have the time to read my “reader” and quickly glance at the post titles and skim past the few words for my favorite topics/tags. However, I’ve come up with some of my own topics/tags (borrowed or stolen) about “food” based on three quick tips by Michelle W:

Get Specific With regards to those cannot afford to feed themselves because living in sub-standard condition right here in AMERIKA, I could tag some of my posts on food, such as “smoothies”, “raw food”, “vegan”, “vegetarian”, “fasting”…

Get Emotional Okay, since no one else seems to care about my favorite author and his family of specially-gifted prodigies, I’ll start tagging his posts with topics/tags on “starvation”, “poverty”, “angels”, “care”, “nurturing”…

Get Alternative Somehow I tend to create (borrow or steal) ideas from others For example, I’ve been tagging some recent posts with “noms” or “nom-noms”, the homophones of an adorable kitty cat enjoying its delicious “food”.

P.S. Please press his donate button because I’m at my end’s wit. Or is that wit’s end? I forget!

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