To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

Are you on Twitter? Has it been useful for growing your blog, in your career, or in another way entirely?

I am on Twitter and have recently re-considered using that social networking site to grow my blog! Sounds like a wart! Anyway, I don’t have a career and still refuse to add that annoying co-worker/former temp clerk via LinkIn or activate that FB/CIA site. I unsubscribed from receiving anything from LinkIn to remind to add these fools.

After thinking about using Twitter for quick notes/random thoughts, I temporarily linked my Twitter and Tumblr accounts to WordPress but decided to deactivate those features due to duplications. There is an import feature for downloading my Tumblr history into WordPress so there is no need for that link.

As for Twitter, I hope to there would be No more snags and No more delays! It’s been over two months of DAILY notes which are still in Draft mode. Evil Kitty has happy now with no care if blog stats not available to both popular social network.

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