2 thoughts on “The Daily Messenger: Getting older by the seaside…another year goes by

  1. Donna Carrillo says:

    I had to do a double take at first, because I thought it was his son Matthew. I was like, “oh my, Matt straightened his hair!” lolol.

    Back in 81, I was separated from my hellish first hubby. I should have stayed separated and then I have had a chance to meet this nice looking surfer dude!

    Back then, long hair or short hair, it would have made no difference to me. I was a hippy chick back then too, with my long red hair parted in the middle and bell bottoms and gauze hippy tops. Bahaha!

    Adopting a dog would be nice, but that would be another mouth to feed.


    1. FLYNN says:

      I had a double take also because of that mustache. He does closely resemble “Matt”.

      I also wore my long hair parted in the middle, bell-bottom pants and platform sandals. But I was still a “minor” during that year.

      I could only afford to adopt one “dog” at a time. Our four parakeets are enough pets for now.


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