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Well after viewing a YouTube video of unhealthy blood cells last night, I restarted drinking my old powdered drink mix made mostly of barley and wheat grasses and another powered drink with a blend of bentonite and montmorillonite clay. I know it’s NOT fresh but it’s convenient. So you could say that I drink to both life AND death!

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2 thoughts on “nutritional content…

  1. Donna Carrillo says:

    It didn’t say what brand of Gogi they used, but others who posted the same video put their Freelife website to buy that brand of Gogi. Locally, we buy the Perfect Gogi from the health food store. Since I’m working a temp job tonite for a radio show, I would like to apply that to a bottle of Gogi. If mixed with Noni Juice, it gives a real nice energy boost. Wheatgrass is good. Even our cat will drink powdered wheatgrass in water, since he can’t go eat grass outside during the winter. It helps him with furballs. I liked the brand I got from the 3-Day colon cleanse. I also like the Green Harvest, spirulina, brown seaweed extract, etc….

    Other superfoods are Maca, Raw organic cacao (cocoa), Jusuru juice (contains Noni, Gogi, etc… w/Type II collagen). Tumeric, cayenne pepper, and other functional fruits are good.


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