San Jose: Naked man with sword and assault rifle arrested – San Jose Mercury News

My first thought when I quickly glanced at this news article was that the chumps are at it again! To manipulating data for their agenda! This time, instead of an autistic person, we get a mentally retarded (?)/disabled man running around naked. He dropped the sword and wasn’t successful with the assault rifle. Again, where is this going?

Later on this evening during the annoying cable news programming that was on FoxNews with the equally annoying Hannity and his constant interruptions and sound-offs in the background while invited guests are trying to explain their point-of-view, there was a talk about guns and the insane. I guess insane people should NOT own guns.

The point was that one gun owner may NOT be insane but another person living inside the household may have access to firearms which should be locked up by the gun owner! I mean, how dumb is that? Anyone who is a responsible, law-abiding gun owner locks up their firearms in a bolted down safe. I know. Friggin idiots!

Anyway, my favorite local/law enforcement folks working at/with the SJPD have done well! That’s why I feel safe in this city full of Asians (and other former Commies) because they didn’t kill the damn spook/government agent/independent auditor/spiritual volunteer/paid actor, err I meant “mentally insane” guy.

To the SJPD, notice the location. Two major intersecting roads form the letter “X”. That’s symbolic of a “hex”, or wiccan, or Satanic provocateurs. You will do yourselves well to PRAY constantly/sincerely and smudge the area thoroughly and hold down that apartment sector so as to avoid another further “in/formal” tests, err, mind-controlled incidents/whatever. Remember your oath – serve, protect and love each other.

Author’s note: This has been a public service announcement. Please use your critical thinking. A good brain is such a waste. “Cut through the emotions and get to the facts…” ~Officer L. Pyle (SJPD).

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