Daily Post: Stroke of Midnight


Where were you when 2012 turned into 2013? Is that where you’d want to be?

After taking a nap for twenty minutes, I was sitting down on a hard wooden pew. Usually, we jump up and down and make noise upon the hour. But this time and since we were attending midnight mass probably for the first time for New Years, we couldn’t celebrate the new years like before. Instead the priest, the choir and everyone else stood up one minute after the designated local time. It was a hushed moment with my smart/cellphone buzzing several times in my right pocket. It was the boy but I couldn’t answer the call while some were singing.

I would rather be at home so we could jump up and down and make noise. Maw doesn’t want to attend midnight mass. It was too late to eat anything afterwards but we did anyway. And we went to sleep at two in the morning. I wasn’t ready to sleep and posted a couple of news-related articles with my pseudo-commentary/editorial on my weblog here.

So Happy New Years! I don’t know if this calendar model is the most accurate time/space model but it’s what we got. I would rather start the new year when the olive trees first sprout. So there!

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