Bye Bye YeYo


At 1318, I heard a couple of labored: Heck. Heck. Then all four parakeets scrambled to see, clinging on the side of their cage.

I was washing dishes of a failed tiger shrimp tempura (Zatarain’s) deep fry. And Paw checked: “Oh, she’s dead.”

I howled and cried and am still tearing up. Took photos and texted the boy who doesn’t seem to care. Maw didn’t cry. Paw didn’t cry.

Maw saw her blue beak, open her mouth to blow air and then saw the slightly opened eyes close.

Maw wrapped her in plastic sandwich bag and now a paper towel.

Lighted white candle and opened back door and front cage door. Funeral/burial later on after lunch.

Survived by Buddy and Mel. Binky was her eldest child by Simon.

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