Yesterday evening, I viewed a long-haired guitarist play a James Bond movie “Skyfall”, which was sang by a fat cow named Adele. Now I didn’t know who was this Adele but later watched several of her videos on YouTube.

With the lyrics, I was better able to follow the repetitive song as she yodeled each word rather nicely. I expected to learn something from the lyrics and didn’t understand what she meant by turning the “fire into rain”. It sounded like any song about unrequited love or something like that. It’s one of many modern songs playing every freaking day at my temp job from hell!

It could be that anger became tears as hatred becoming death. Turn fire to water when you witness the upcoming false flag of alien invasion, the riots among each other surface-dwellers. The greatest scam on earth.

Once again, I’ve met many, well, very few actually, “aliens” disguised a humans. They already co-exist among us. Some are naughty and some are nice. But most are psychotics because they are not fully aware of their Origins. All are Created to learn/suffer on this hellish earth plane/planet.

Discern this playbook. Have faith. Use your bull-shit meter to access any situation. But above all: Thou shalt not kill. Oh, I’ve not yet watched the “Skyfall” movie.

But I’ve watched the beauty of the Sunday skies turn from life-giving rain in the morning to lunchtime events of cripsy, clear blue skies with some puff clouds, sylphs and the parallel shimmers of marakel-shaped patterns, an indication of HAARP technology affecting weather/climate systems.

I’m onto you, chumps. Making my notes, here.

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