Pneumococcal Vaccination

Maw suggested that I should get a shot for pneumonia, a word which I have difficulty spelling without a “spell checker”. Hehe. The last night my aunt Maldeath visited our home in San Jose, CA after all these growing years, she calculated from the year 2003 to 2012 when she should get the next dose. Both Maw and Maldeath are retired registed/licensed nurses in California. I learned a lot about health issues and how to best communicate my symptoms with my primary health physician. Thank you, Lord.

Anyway, I took the Mucinex at noontime and one hour later clear mucus was produced. But when I took this OTC drug two week ago for a couple of days, I didn’t feel right. So I opted to moisturize my nasal passages with sterile saline solution in a can to help create the nasty post nasal drippings into my lungs, which then brought up phlegm of green and mustard-yellow from my nose.

It appears that my brown/green lung phlegm was an accumulation of sinus infection overnight for the past week and the following morning would produce the most clearing of green boogers and lung chunks of brown phlegm.

Currently, I am interested getting vaccinated to avoid prolonged sickness! But I noticed the warning of getting severe allergic reaction to the PPSV! I didn’t want to risk getting sick again, just because the symptoms were caused by merely sinus infection, which I believe was aggravated while filing in the stale/infected air of the Archive Area, which the CA Health and Safety dinged, thanks to moi and my international headhunter, and for the fact that I went jogging during my breaks AFTER the first rain of this season upon with mold and mildew were activated during those two days a few weeks ago. Plus, chemtrails were laid directly overhead during that time and continuously thereafter and I still went outdoors during cold weathers. I guess I exposed my sinuses and lungs to bad air conditioning, which I also complained to the international head hunter as blowing too strong into Cindy’s desk. I told them that I didn’t want a relapse. They understood/complied. I noticed that Josie also coughed and sneezed last week AS SOON AS the air conditioner was turned on strongly. Stupid place.

Anyway, it looks like I really don’t “qualify” for this PPSV based on reading the .pdf file located under “”. It’s unfortunate that the active and inactive ingredients are NOT readily available on the site. Therefore and right there, it is suspicious, as is my DNA trait dictates, not being paranoid or schizoid but it’s better to be aware and safe and well-informed than sorry later. Section 8 on how I could learn more really is troublesome. I just want to know what’s in it.

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