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“They Live”, the Weird Movie With a Powerful Message

Off-topic rant:

“What’s not to like?”

Movie with popcorn, that’s what! Actually, I never watched this show and if I did, I do NOT remember.

“Is the movie describing what we call the Illuminati?”

Not entirely but read the next responses I made.

“How did he accomplish that?”

The bitter truth does hurt in the stomach after people ingest the sweets: Too good to be true.

“Are the aliens in the movie an imaginative way to portray the world’s elite, those who secretly run the world, those we call the Illuminati?”

Dammit! Haven’t you dummies been reading my primary weblog? These “aliens” are real and operate with/in the world’s elite. “Illuminati” is just another word to describe the “old programming” of ruling everyone. For example, computers are VERY efficient. Machines are VERY useful as are other scientific and technological methods of making lives “less painful” for everyone. If you think about it, utopia is possible but something/someone keeps “blocking” the intentions. Oh, well…

“Why do we worship greed?”

My first stupid response: Because “humans are being recruited by the aliens in exchange for wealth and power” and seriously, I’m still waiting for the former for over twelve slong years; while the Latter has been ongoing “behind the scenes” to this day and in the upcoming general election for the POTUS.

My second logical response: Because humans want to experience life to the fullest. Though foolish they are, money happens to be the current vehicle. The corruption has been greed — the intention of preventing sentient beings of “free will” to enjoy/exercise.

“Is the preacher’s description of the “masters” applicable to the Illuminati?”

I never fully “appreciated” the English language and am still have a VERY difficult time understanding human “humor”. For example, “PWNED” is a recent modern/slang/colloquial/street word that I had to look up and digest: it tasted funny. I see that perhaps the Illuminati could be a single entity: a computer generated OMEGA programming. A thought about an “end-time” simulation appears to be one “theme” in their “playbook” for this reality/dimension.

“Can the above statement be applied to the Illuminati?”

(Refer to link for paragraph.) You underestimate the Spirit/Will/Soul of the people. (Remaining thoughts in response to this question ceased.)

“In God We Trust”?

You are mocking the Source! God/Allah/Buddha/Krishna/Brahma/etc. is “slow to anger and shows mercy”. You should learn to trust yourselves first. Duh. That piece of paper (albeit the “paper tiger” you call “money”) is appropriate: it wipes away the tears of God you have offended.

“Is this a way to portray the Illuminati?”

No! They are NOT the walking dead! The symbolism of using a human skeletal form (or “zombie”) REFLECTS how they are viewed by other “zombies”. They can NOT exist in this reality/dimension without the will of the Source. Allowing such creatures to offend was not meant to “go this far”.

“How did he react to the situation?”

That is what they are trying to avoid: a bunch of angry zombies awakening. That is why they are trying to reveal the truth slowly so as NOT to cause a system shock/overload to the population’s “general consciousness” to their presence. They didn’t mean to “go this far” into the program. And honestly they did NOT intend harm.

“Is this science-fiction?”

What I think happened was that these “entities” confused our form of entertainment as “reality” in this part of the “dimensional universe”. Recently, they have been using my word “coalesce” (as per a today’s cable news programming on television with Wolf Blitzer/CNN) to demonstrate how they would “create” their “reality” with/in ours through broadcasting.

Do you have yours on?

I don’t know if my “truth sunglasses” are working properly. Perhaps the confusion of having ingested BOTH the “red pill” and the “blue pill” at the same time might be the culprit for my being “lukewarm”.

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