New dashboard layout…

Okay! What y’all doing to the layout of my dashboard! How about just using links without those fancy drop-down menus for those who don’t use “flash” or “java” or “script”?

Anyway, after logging into the account, you will notice a small little, gray “WordPress” icon. The drop down selections are: Following, Freshly Press, QuickPress, My Blogs, Blogs I Like, and Tags. Of course you can the approrpriate tabs, instead.

Let’s select “My Blogs” and click “My Dashboard” to one of your blogs. Notice the messy layout again. The same drop down menu appears on the leftmost corner of the dashboard.

I do not understand why the next four to five selections are cluttering up my top bar. There is the drop down menus for my blog, a “Follow” link, the “Stats” bar, the “Search” bar and then something weird after that one. Yuch.

Can haz comment on topic only?

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