20110411-Papers Away

Well, my Lenten Season project is really starting to wind down. I’ve gotten so bored that my mind is reeling on what to do next. It’s almost next to impossible to get rid of my material junk, most of which really belong to the twosome. I swear! Hell fire and brimstone shall rain upon the lands, waters and air if I cannot figure out what to do with these precious junk!

Anyway, for most of the day, I’ve scanned and archived “business-related” receipts. But because some were too faded for my NeatWorks Quick Scanner to acquire, I had to resort to my SLOW flatbed scanner! That’s right! I had to stuff each receipt in a clear film to keep it steady while laying it carefully upon the glass plate. It took almost one minute for the flatbed scanner to render one image at 600 pixels. What would have taken less than a few seconds for a handful of receipts took up almost two hours to archive!

I even scanned two OLD envelopes lined either with fiber stuffing or plastic bubbles and six paper bags (four brown, one white and one cobalt blue) — four of which have beautifully hand written notes by “Shirmpette” and two smiley faces on the latter two items.

As much as I hated to throw away items not archived, yesterday I closed my eyes really hard and ripped up some voting material. That’s right! I’ve kept those and decided not to scan the contents! I already know how the TPTB and pals operate. It’s insane to keep their memories alive by hoarding what would have been a beautiful friendship.

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