20070819-Sinking Censorship

RE: [http://wordpress.com/blog/2007/08/19/why-were-blocked-in-turkey/]

Let’s see. I am opposed to censorship because when the ‘oppositions’ start to complain about anyone’s expressed opinions and views about any subject matter (especially via blogs powered by WordPress.com) this tells me that some sort of nerve has hit its target(s). Censorship means everyone should not look and keep quiet, deny the truth that censorship is bad for everyone, eliminate everyone with a voice to express their dark sides and kill freedom of speech once and for all.

How do we know that this blockage in Turkey is yet another spam or intimidation by this possible hacker (or cracker) to scare fellow bloggers from the WordPress.com community into keeping their ‘eyes wide open’ for these the internet ‘spooks’ (I meant, watchdogs)? I know I get lots of spam that looks ‘legitimate’ via my newest email account. How do we know that our Americanized legal system is on our side to protect freedom of speech and freedom of expression? I know that these monitors are gauging my reaction to this latest WordPress.com query from Mr. Matt Mullenweg regarding any alleged violation of domestic and international law by this blogger in Turkey.

For example, while is prefer to blog under a pen name and try not to drag the names of any annoying ‘self-governing’ entities that may happen to cross my path in this lifetime into my blogs, I too would be hurt if someone were to spell out the full name of my ‘alter ego’ across the internet worldwide. Slander and libel are legal words regarding defamation of character. Needless to say, I too am a great offender of name calling and labeling ‘entities’ with all the creativity originating from my deepest thoughts of my small mind. This is one of my weaknesses that I must learn to overcome while functioning as a bio-unit in the form of a human female.

I would say that noone should be ‘under lawful and/or moral obligation’ to the ‘jurisdiction or authority’ of any ‘entity’ except unto oneself. In other words, what may be ‘bad’ to one may be ‘good’ to another and vice versa. This means that anyone who doesn’t agree with me, for example, has already been condemned as being wrong forever. So by this logic, this means everyone is either right or wrong.

I wouldn’t bother censoring the ‘truth’ presented by this blogger for slandering another. Maybe this is justified karma in a nutshell for both sides – insults tit for a tat.  This means every microscopic detail of offense made by any writer, journalist and bloggers would be censored. What happened to forgive and forget, huh? We should respect everyone’s version of reality no matter how real or imaged. I am opposed to legalizing creativity, for heaven’s sake! I love people and their minds.

By the way, I happen to love the juicy, dark meat of turkey, especially on Thanksgiving Day. And like WordPress.com being blocked in Turkey, this symbolically means chopping off the heads of turkey to get at the delicious meat. I hope my eating habits would not be taken as offensive to the vegan folks or the bird community, whose countless comrades have fallen to grace the dinner plates as a time honored foodstuff of tradition in the United States. My apology goes to the ancient dinosaurs and my beloved parakeets, too.

Like the escape of gas by farting or burping from overeating too much of a good thing, the noise (and in this case) the smell of truth seemed to have upset the recipient(s). The enemy within (said gas) is no longer a threat once the ulterior motive, if any, has aired out its secrecy (via blogging). The abuse, however, may take on many forms, including defamation blogs. Maybe since I said too much already and hope this particular blog of mine does not get be deleted or blocked, either.

P.S. What may be criminal to one group may be truth to another. Who shall pick up the first stone, eh? Think well, all.

Copyright © 2007 by Fluffy von der Flynn. All rights reserved.

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